Second Limited US Passport

Second Limited US Passports are valid for a period of 2 years but can be extended upon expiration if necessary. A Second Passport is issued at the U.S. Department of State discretion for one of the following reasons:
When applying for a Second Limited Passport, a statement in support of the second passport is needed. Below is an example of such letter. Please write and sign a Statement in Support of Application for Second Passport. In order to avoid delays, the Statement must provide detailed information as to why the applicant requires a Second Passport.

Example of Company Letter for Second Passport:

Company Letterhead

Date: _____________

Dear Passport Supervisor,

Mr / Mrs ________(applicants name)________, is an employee of ______(company name)______, in the position of ___(applicants position)__. His job requires that he / she travel internationally frequently and usually on short notice. We are requesting that he / she be issued a second limited passport to enable our company to submit the new limited passport to the _____________________embassy. Mr / Mrs _________________ is unable to part with his / her existing passport for no more than 24 hours. The visa processing for _________________, _______________________, and __________________________ will take at least two business days each to obtain the fore mentioned visas. We need to obtain emergency processing on ____________________. He / She is leaving for ___________________ on ___________________ and will return on ____________________.

Your assistance in this manner is greatly appreciated.

__________(Supervisor Signature)_____________

Title: ____________________________