Passports for persons age 15 and under

  1. Complete application DS 11.
    Click here to go to the Department of State Passport Wizard external link
    Effective 09-26-05 all passport applications must be completed online
    from the U.S. State Department’s website.

    • After completing the application online you must print the application
    and take it and all of your passport documents to the acceptance agency.

    • Do not sign the application until asked to do so by a passport acceptance agent at the post office or county clerk’s office.

    Effective as of 01/01/2003, both parents or legal guardians must appear at the PASSPORT ACCEPTANCE LOCATION along with the child in order to have their signatures witnessed on the child’s application. The child must be present during the application process.

  2. A Rush Passport & Visa Services™ Letter of Authorization Adobe PDF form
    (2 copies are needed - 1 inside of the package and 1 outside of the package)

  3. Two (2) Official Passport Photos (2x2) taken on a white background and taken within the last three months. Be sure that the photo is a full frontal view of the face. Color photographs are recommended but not mandatory.

  4. An original certified birth record issued by the county or state where the applicant was born. One must be able to feel the raised embossed seal of the vital records department which is located in the lower left of the document.
    An expired passport may be used in lieu of birth records.
    Citizens who have been naturalized will present their naturalization papers in lieu of a birth record.

  5. Must include the correct fee for the passport. Effective as of 07-13-10, the application fee for persons 15 and under is $165.00. Checks, cash, and money orders are payable in two (2) checks. One (1) check for $140.00 to the Department of State and one (1) check to the US Postmaster or County Clerk’s office for $25.00.

  6. Proof of Departure (airlines ticket or confirmed/paid itinerary)

  7. Parents Identification. Copy of the natural parents Passports and State issued photo ID. Front and Back.

    If parents are NOT US citizens the must submit copies of their countries passports and Alien Registration card (A.K.A Green card) - Front and Back. Notarized by notary public.