Lost or Stolen Passports

The following is required to apply for a lost passport or a stolen passport:
Complete Form DSP 64 - Lost or Stolen Passport Application.
Click here for the lost/stolen application form DS64Adobe PDF form
Give details about how the passport was lost or stolen.

Attach Form DSP 64 to the DS11 New Passport Application.
Make sure to give details on DS 64 about how and when the lost passport or stolen passport occurred.

Click here to go to the Department of State Passport Wizard external link

*Effective 09-26-05 the Department of State has made it mandatory that all passport applications first be completed online using the 2D bar code application which is created from the Department of State website.

After completing the form online, you must appear at the post office or government office which is a passport acceptance office (post office which accepts passport applications or county clerk's office) to have your information verified and your signature witnessed on the passport application.

The information will be sealed in a 8 x11 postal envelope, take the sealed envelope and put it inside a FedEx envelope, fill out the airbill according to the sample shown.

If your have absolutely no way to prove your citizenship with a birth certificate, old passport or any of the other suggested Public Record documents you can request a file search in order to find information on file that would substantiate your U.S. Citizenship. The fee for this service is $150.00 (effective 07-13-08).