Extension of Limited Passport

What you need to have in order to proceed:

  1. (if passport was issued less than 1 year ago)
    Complete Form DS 5504 (click here for fillable Form DS 5504) Adobe PDF form
    - or -
    (if passport was issued longer than 1 year)
    Complete Form DS 82 (click here for fillable Form DS 82) Adobe PDF form

  2. Submit your limited passport. Be sure that the passport is signed.

  3. Certified birth record issued by the state or county of your birth.
    A hospital birth record is not acceptable.
    Obtain your birth record at www.AmericanBirth.Com
    external link

  4. A photo copy of your photo drivers license. If you can not produce a photo ID or drivers licensee, you may be able to present documents dating back at least five years or better to establish your identify.

  5. A check or money order in the amount of $60.00 payable to Department of State.

  6. Proof of departure must be shown to expedite your passport. Please provide one of the following:
    A) A Confirmed Itinerary
    Copy of your Airline Ticket
    C) Company Letter asking for Expedited Services

Note: Without proof of departure the U.S. State Department will process your passport in approximately 15-20 days. The passport will be forwarded to A Rush Passport & Visa Services™. We then forward the passport to the customer.