Additional Passport Visa Pages

Requirements to expedite additional U.S. Passport Visa Pages

1) Complete form DS 4085.

Click here to go to the Department of State Passport Wizard external link
*Effective 09-26-05 the Department of State has made it mandatory
that all passport applications first be completed online using the
2D bar code application which is available from the Department
of State’s website.

2) Check or Money Order, payable to Department of State for $142.00.

3) Proof of Departure can be in the form of airline tickets, itinerary or company letter showing the departure within 7 business days or 14 business days if visas are required.
(For business the proof of travel may be in the form of a letter from a company on company letterhead and must show the departure is less than 7 days, the destination, purpose for the rush expedited service and the return date.)

4) A Rush Passport & Visa Services™ Letter of Authorization
Adobe PDF form allowing A RUSH Passport & Visa Services™ to process your application and to pickup the completed passport. Must be signed and dated with applicant’s original signature.

5) Photo ID.
Make a photo copy of your driver’s license. This is to prove your current identity. (must be submitted with application)

6) Your Current Passport.