About A Rush Passport & Visa Services

Dear International Traveler:
The mission of A RUSH Passport & Visa Services™ is to provide you the customer with clear and insightful information that will help take the guess work out of obtaining international travel documents. Through years of experience we have gathered information and short cuts to make the process of obtaining a passport,visa or birth records simpler.

Let’s face it, obtaining a passport, visa or birth record is a difficult and sometimes stressful situation. Even more so if you have no idea how it is done. It is much easier if you know the procedures and short cuts that we know about the expediting process. We realize that your time is precious and that is why we have gathered together lists of materials that are necessary to obtain your passport, visa and birth records. Our knowledge of the requirements and personnel at the passport offices, embassies and consulates along with our 16 years of experience means that you can concentrate on other things about your trip and leave the expediting work to us.

A RUSH Passport & Visa Services™ is dedicated to be the fastest and best passport and visa expediting service in the country by meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. We pride ourselves on quality service in a timely fashion. We are sure that you will be amazed at how fast and efficient our service really is.

A RUSH Passport & Visa Services™
was established in 1993. We have grown
from providing services to the Southwest United States into a full service agency serving all 50 states, now offering services from Chicago, Houston, and Washington D.C.

We hope that the information provided will be most helpful to you. If you have any questions please call 1.512.843.8454 or email us at info@arushpassport.com.

We look forward to doing business for you!